Trap Box Serum Pack


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Genre: Trap

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Pack Includes

  • 150+ Trap Presets
  • 20+ Custom Noise Profiles
  • 30 Custom Wavetables
  • Bonus Trap Kit

Tech Specs

Serum Presets / Noise Profiles / Wavetables / Wav / 175MB

About Trapbox

Some people call Trap a “big” sound. But that doesn’t go far enough. Trap is downright looming in its intensity. It sounds kind of like a symphony orchestra having a musical street fight with a gang called The 808s. (If you think that sounded strange, you should see the rest of the stuff from that marketing brainstorm). However you look at it, Trap is not for the faint of heart. Of course, like any genre, it’s gone through some evolution and experimentation over time, but that boldly gritty southern sound is still at its essence. With these presets, you’ll have everything you need to produce traditional trap, hang on to tradition but give it a little twist or make your own statement on Future Trap. 43 leads, 20 Bass grooves, 4 Brass, 6 Pads, 7 Arps, 32 plucks, 16 SFX, 15 Subs, 16 Synths and that’s just some of what you’ll find.

  • 45 Leads

  • 33 Plucks

  • 22 Basses

  • 16 Sub 808s

  • 14 SFX Presets

  • 13 Synths

  • 7 Arps

  • 4 Brass Presets

  • 4 Pads

  • 1 Atmosphere

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