Monstrosities Serum Pack


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Genre: Bass House, Trapstep, Future Bass

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Pack Includes

  • 100+ Genre-bending Presets
  • 50 Custom Wavetables

Tech Specs

Serum Presets / Custom Wavetables / 235MB

About Monstrosities

This is our first Serum presets pack and we wanted it BIG. Big enough to put out clouds of sound an audience can practically see filling the room. Big enough to be a go-to across the Dubstep spectrum.

We also wanted it big enough for anyone to get the most out of, whether you’re a top-tier producer looking for some new track seasoning, a veteran DJ looking for fresh ways to move a crowd, or a hobbyist mixer building a local reputation among your friends.

And when we say this pack is meant for the whole spectrum, we’re not kidding. From the most upbeat call to dance action to the most brooding and ominous Trapstep storytelling, Monstrosities has got you covered.

DISCLAIMER: We are not responsible for any crowds who storm a hobbyist mixer’s house, forcing him or her into the limelight and propelling them to fortune and fame (we might take credit for it, but that’s different).

  • 68 Basses

  • 22 Synths

  • 5 Leads

  • 8 Pads

  • 5 SFX

  • 3 Arps

  • 1 Pluck

  • 1 Sequence

  • 50 Custom Wavetables

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