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Plugin: Transient Designer

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Make magic with the snares on your next track. Fire up this deceptively simple plug-in and explore a world of sound you never knew existed.

Snaer at a Glance

  • Multiband Distortion Control
  • High-Pass Filter for to bypass noise
  • Control over Attack Shape (Crack)
  • Low Pass Filter cut brightness
  • Control over Release Shape (Blap)

Tech Specs

AAX / Audio Unit / VST / PC & OSX Compatible


Snares are among the most important instruments in any producer’s toolkit. And with Snaer, even if you’ve never used a plug-in before, you can take snares and most any other sound to a whole new level, creating voices as unique as your music.

We developed Snaer by analyzing the key elements of snare sound: crack, blap, and dirt. (No eye rolling. Those are technical terms we learned from some punk drummers we worked with, whose names happen to BE Crack, Blap, and Dirt).

Crack lengthens and shortens the initial “thwack.” It can do the same for decay on other drums and percussion too. Blap handles the depth of the sound and lets you remove unwanted mic bleed or even expand the room sound of overheads. Dirt takes your sound anywhere from hard and gritty to rich and muddy.

The result? Total control of individual drums and the dynamic impact of your mix.

  • Transient Attack

  • Transient Release

  • Multiband Distortion

  • Automation Enabled

  • Gain Control

  • Lowpass Filter

  • Highpass Filter

  • 32 Bit (OSX/PC)

  • 64 Bit (OSX/PC)

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