Vibes Kit Vol. 1


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Genre: Future R&B

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As always, all sounds in the demo are in the pack. We’ve also included all the MIDI files as well, so you can tweak the chords to your liking.

Pack Includes

  • 91 - Melodies & Music Loops
  • 50 - Dum Hits
  • 42 - Vibey Drum Loops & Percussion Loops
  • 41 - Risers, Downlifters, Impacts and other SFX
  • 120 - MIDI files

Tech Specs

24 Bit / 44.1 kHz / WAV / 488MB

About Vibes Bundle

This pack took a LONG time to finish. Every time somebody came up with a vibey new loop to play for the team, we all started staring into space, getting all cerebral, talking all deep about feelings and stuff. It’d go on for hours. And if anyone breathes a word of those conversations, they are OUT of here. What all that means for you is a sound pack that will turn you into a magician of mood setting. And whatever you’re building your music on, Vibes is your key to R&B perfection. It’ll even make that bargain basement laptop you like to mess around with into a sweet little studio. 91 melodies & music loops, 50+ kicks, snares hats & percussion, 42 vibey drum & percussion loops, 41 risers, falls & other sound effects,128 midi files. People will think you hired pro session players to come over the house.

  • Engineered to perfection; just drag and drop them as-is.
  • Or express yourself with engineering tweaks of your own.
  • Got an idea to sweeten a progression? Just grab the midi.


  • 11 Kicks

  • 17 Snares/Claps

  • 15 Hi-Hats

  • 15 Percussion Hits

  • 41 FX

  • 42 Drum Loops

  • 50 Melodies

  • 41 Synth Loops

  • 23 Arps

  • 38 Bass Loops

  • 128 MIDI Files

Set the mood for introspection, inspiration or some romantic revelations.
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