Trap Island 2

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Genre: Trap


About Trap Island 2

The long-awaited direct follow up to Trap Island, Trap Island 2 picks up where the original left off and left out. If you think we went crazy on our first volume, the second is more than just a glow up, it’s a harnessing of our unique ear in a crowded space of trap packs that try to emulate what’s hot rather than innovate from a grounded base. Working on a sound that isn’t true to what you do can be hard, but we do trap.

Our second series with an ideological sibling and cousin, Trap Island 2, learns from the best of Ghost Trap and Twisted Metal series and teaches them both, while completely showing up its predecessor. With amazing drums from Jon Casey guided by Fyre and a full set of treated loops from the AudeoBøx team, if you’re stuck on a remote landmass with a magical power source and your laptop, Trap Island 2 will get you through it because we can guarantee you’ll make fire.

With that, we’ll leave.

  • 14 808s

  • 15 Kicks

  • 16 Snares

  • 13 Claps

  • 15 Hats

  • 6 Drumloops

  • 27 Stack Loop

  • 30 Key Based Loops

  • 26 Melody Loops

  • 30 Aged Organic Loops

  • 14 Trap Guitar Loops

  • 16 Flute Loops

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