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Genres: Future Pop / EDM


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Pack Includes

  • 400 Loops
  • 120+ MIDI
  • 50 Drum Hits
  • 30 Vox Hits

Tech Specs

24 Bit / 44.1kHz / Wav / 1GB

About Swamped

Maybe you’ve used every loop pack on the market. Maybe you’ve been experimenting here and there. Maybe you’re hoping for just one that can take you from beginner to boss. Whichever one of those is you, Swamped will take you so deep into a new world of sound options that we may just have to send a team in to drag you out of your session. Of course, last time we tried that, the team didn’t come back either. We sent some guys in after one of our testing producers and that session is STILL going on (and we’re going broke on their Chinese takeout bills). Now, pretend you’re the disclaimer guy at the end of a radio commercial and read this next part really fast: 26 arpeggios, 43 bass lines, 30 keyboard melodies, 30 lead synth melodies, 26 percussion loops, 38 drum loops, 31 multi-synth loops, 40 pads, 32 pluck synth loops, 34 polysynth loops, 30 synth fill-ups and 30 vox. Okay. Take a second to catch your breath. See what we mean? Every piece of sound in this pack, including our bonus Swamp Thing drums created by Young Fyre, is designed to swamp you with creative possibilities.

  • 3 808s

  • 15 Kicks

  • 20 Snares

  • 5 Hats

  • 8 Percussion Hits

  • 30 Lead Synth Melodies

  • 34 Polysynth Loops

  • 31 Multi Synth Loops

  • 26 Arp Loops

  • 40 Pad Loops

  • 30 Keyboard Melody Loops

  • 43 Bassline Loops

  • 32 Pluck Loops

  • 38 Drum Loops

  • 28 Percussion Loops

  • 30 Synth Build Ups

  • 30 Vocal Chops

  • 174 MIDI Files

Not swamped like a bad work day. We’re talking happy-like-an-alligator-in-mud swamped.
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