Kaleidoscope Pack


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Genres: Future Bass

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Pack Includes

  • 100+ Future Bassy Drum Hits
  • 70 MIDI Files
  • 40+ Music Loops
  • 30 Raunchy Bass Loops
  • 30+ SFX
  • 17 Drum Loops / Build Ups

Tech Specs

24 Bit / 44.1kHz / Wav / Sylenth / 228 Samples / 414MB

About Kaleidoscope

Future Bass is such an innovative new genre, it started us innovating the second we heard it. Our international team got absolutely intergalactic working on this pack. As a matter of fact, we’re actually still waiting for a few of them to get back. Do us a favor and watch the sky for producers and engineers next time there’s a meteor shower. You never know. They might turn up. You like detuned synthesizers? We’ve got ‘em. Sawtooth waves, square waves, this pack could probably even wave down a cab for you if you needed one. And if you want to take a little space ride yourself, we’ve included the midis in the pack. Feel free to tweak all you want. Signature stabbing chords, unique Future Bass water drops, metallic jangles, vocal chops and more—such as, of course, plenty of big, low-end sound to play with. Future Bass is so…now!n

  • 21 Kicks

  • 21 Snares

  • 20 Claps

  • 7 Snaps

  • 10 HiHats

  • 10 Crashes

  • 10 Rides

  • 10 Percussion Hits

  • 17 Drum Loops

  • 41 Synth Loops

  • 30 Bassline Loops

  • 10 Impacts

  • 11 Sweep Ups

  • 10 Sweep Downs

  • 70 MIDI Files

You may trip so far out that Mission Control comes looking for you.
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