Elemynts 4


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Genre: Textured Beats, Organic LoFi

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Genre: Textured Beats, Organic LoFi

  • 128 Harmonic/Melodic Loops
  • 126 Drum One Shots
  • 10 Field Recordings
  • 19 Textural Foley Samples

Tech Specs

614 MB // WAV

Elemynts 4

Elemynts 4 is a really creative, interesting, and tasteful LoFi pack with a focus on organic textures sampled from real world items and environments. The drums, in particular, are curated toward a tactile sound. Outside of the percussive pieces of the pack, the loops are designed to satisfy a classic LoFi sound, but there is also exciting experimental potential to many of them; washed out pads, reversed guitar stacks, and some fantastically processed sample-sounding loops. Headed by Toby Schay and with some outstanding help from Letjoux and Neill Von Tally, these three Portland producers present you with a LoFi pack unlike any other.

  • 27 LoFi Guitars

  • 20 Rusty Pianos

  • 35 Sample Sounding Loops

  • 31 Warm Synths

  • 15 Song Starters

  • 18 Kicks

  • 26 Snares

  • 16 Rims

  • 23 Hats

  • 43 Organic Percs

  • 19 Textural Foley Samples

  • 10 Field Recordings

Bring Your Beats To Life.
Gentle, Organic Sounds To Put Nature At Your Fingertips
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