Bliss Mega House Pack


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Genres: House

More R&B soul in a single loop than in most entire packs.

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Pack Includes

  • 300+ Melody, Bass & Drum Loops
  • 160+ MIDI Files based on Loops
  • 60+ Drum One-Shots
  • 30+ FX Sounds
  • 30+ Massive & Serum Presets

Tech Specs

24 Bit / 44.1kHz / Wav / Massive / 524MB

About Bliss

We asked ten people what House Music is. One said, “It’s just like Disco, right?” By the time the other nine finished correcting him, and one another, it was too late to finish the focus group. But we wrote everything down, and with all those perceptions in mind (well…except for the Disco guy) we got down to business. Okay, what we actually did was assemble a handpicked team of veteran DJs who know what crowds want and expert sound engineers who know how to build crystal clear sounds with max flexibility, and told them to build their dream kit They came up with a versatile arsenal of 30 Arpeggios and leads, 94 bass parts, 38 chords, 104 drum loops, 70 drum one shots, 30 FX, 65 synth melodies. Whether you’re playing deep house, microhouse. tech house, electro house, jump house or outhouse (okay, we made that one up), this kit gives you the sounds and flexibility to make any kind of house happen.

  • 15 Kicks

  • 20 Claps

  • 20 Hats

  • 15 Percussion Hits

  • 51 Drum Loops

  • 52 Toppers

  • 65 Synth Melody Loops

  • 30 Arp Lead Loops

  • 38 Chord Progression Loops

  • 45 Stab Bass Loops

  • 49 Sub Bass Loops

  • 6 Downlifters

  • 8 Impacts

  • 6 Lazers

  • 10 Risers

  • 30 Massive Presets

  • 3 Serum Presets

  • 161 MIDI Fils

The GOOD kind of higher. No controlled substances required.
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