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Something Awesome is Coming Soon!

AudeoBox is hard at work making changes to our current website, relaunching very soon with New Features, Plug-In’s, Sound Pack’s and More! Follow @AudeoBox on Instagram for the latest Audebox News! If you see anything funky, please email us at sean[at]audeobox.com.

How to Grow Your Followers and Dollars on Social Media

We live in the age of social media. If you want to build your brand, grow your followers, and increase your customer base, you do it through social media. We have become so dependent on social media that we check our social media pages when we wake up, and constantly throughout the day until we fall asleep. Social media is …

7 Straightforward Mixing Tips You Have to Know

Mixing is effortlessly one of the hardest things to dominate in the music scene. However, we have found strategies that possessed the capacity to enhance mixes. Some of these may appear to be straightforward… yet we guarantee you, that if you utilize every tip, you can enhance your mixes overnight. Toning it down would be ideal It’s anything but difficult …