announces its launch of sound plugins that provide a solution for producers to be unique, with the release of the “Fyre Effect Pro”, that was created by the Grammy award nominated multi-platinum producer Young Fyre

Hollywood, Calif., Sept. 29, 2016/Viral Music Media –  announces its launch of sound plug-ins that provide a solution for producers to be unique, with the release of the “Fyre Effect”. The “Fyre Effect” was created by Grammy award winning multi-platinum producer Young Fyre, whose latest work includes Britney Spears, Lil Wayne, Will Smith, Chris Brown, Busta Rhymes, Tech N9ne, and T-Pain just to name a few.audeoboxlogo-2The “Fyre Effect” is available exclusively at for pre-order. You can hear the “Fyre Effects”, latest success in Britney’s Spears, new hit single “Private”, and Will Smith’s, “Caution in the wild”.

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Introducing our flagship plugin: The Fyre Effect Pro. 

Stand out of the pack with THE FYRE EFFECT PRO. Pre-order TODAY and save 20%!

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Bring your musical creations to a new level with this revolutionary effect plugin. Single instruments, drums, vocals, even entire tracks sound completely new when ran through the Fyre Effect. With simplicity, even a beginner can understand, get straight to the madness in seconds! Included is a High-quality EQ that takes out all the guesswork with pinpoint precision at just the right spots to ensure you get the sound you want with no hassle.  The built-in saturator can add the right grunge to make your sound even more filthy, and finally, the 2 windows in the center offer even more tweaking. is launching with its Flagship plugin Fyre Effect Pro and adding more plugins soon.

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