5 sound effects plugins “To make that hit”

If there’s any sound you need, the chances are you’ll find it online or a co-producer will give you a tip on what he uses, but how can you choose which one is the best for you and what other effects have producers used on those big hits. We compiled a list of 5 sound effects plugins “To make that hit”

Audeobox: The Fyre Effect

Bring your musical creations to a new level with this revolutionary effect plugin. Simply route ANYTHING to this bad boy, and watch it transform immediately. Single instruments, drums, vocals, even entire tracks sound completely new when ran through this baby. Included is a High-quality EQ that takes out all the guesswork with pinpoint precision at just the right spots to ensure you get the sound you want with no hassle.  The Built-in saturator can add the right grunge to make your sound even more filthy. (Cause who doesn’t like a little grit?) And finally, the 2 windows in the center offer even more tweaking. Try mixing these all up to create one of a kind sounds no other producer can replicate. Stand out of the pack with THE FYRE EFFECT PRO.

Stand out of the pack with THE FYRE EFFECT PRO. Pre-order TODAY and save 20%!

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WOW2 is now with a future-dripping user interface, 21 incredible filter types with the famous vowel mode. With distortions that cover your tracks with gas and put them on fire. Modulations that cause more trouble than your modular dark room. It gives you that warm and juicy sound, that you were looking for.

Sugar Bytes’s Turnado

With Sugar Bytes’s Turnado Multi-effects Plug-in, you drag effects to eight slots and get immediate control over the parameters using one knob. Onstage, it couldn’t be simpler – or more powerful. In the studio, you can dial in your effect from a selection of 24 pro-quality algorithms before mashing your content. Beat manipulation is Turnado’s modus operandi, so naturally, you get loopers, slicers and grain tools in your rack, along with an arsenal of filters and distortions, reverbs and delays. Mash your beats – and have fun doing it – with Sugar Bytes’s Turnado!

Native Instruments GUITAR RIG 3

Native Instruments GUITAR RIG 3 is the ultimate all-in-one guitar and bass solution. Simply connect your guitar to your computer via the enhanced RIG KONTROL foot pedal and you are ready to go. The studio-quality soundcard onboard GUITAR RIG 3’s pedal routes the signal to your speakers, while the software grants you access to an incredible number of perfectly modeled classic amps, cabinets, mics and effects – all arranged in a super-simple drag-and-drop rack format. Any style, any time – GUITAR RIG 3 is the perfect solution for professional studio and live setups.

Decimort 2

Decimort recreates the coloration and adds the vintage sampler’s magic to any sound. Electronic music (especially Hip-Hop) producers have long been aware that classic samplers (such as early Akai and E-MU units) had a character and sound all their own: they added a “grit” and “color” to the samples and loops they played back which made them sound “fat” and sit well in a mix. Decimort recreates this coloration and adds that vintage sampler magic back to any loop, any bassline, or any sound played through it for that matter!

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