Introducing our flagship plugin: The Fyre Effect Pro.

Bring your musical creations to a new level with this revolutionary effect plugin. Simply route ANYTHING to this bad boy, and watch it transform immediately. Single instruments, drums, vocals, even entire tracks sound completely new when ran through this baby. With simplicity even a beginner can understand, get straight to the madness in seconds! Included is a High quality EQ that takes out all the guess work with pin point precision at just the right spots to ensure you get the sound you want with no hassle .  But we're not done. The Built in saturater can add the right grunge to make your sound even more filthy. (Cause who doesn't like a little grit?) And finally, the 2 windows in the center offer even more tweaking. Try them and see. Try mixing these all up to create one of a kind sounds no other producer can replicate. Stand out of the pack with THE FYRE EFFECT PRO.  CHECK THE TUTORIAL HERE!!

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  1. The Fyre Effect Teaser
  2. Britney spears is on Fyre with-The Fyre effect